Terms & Conditions

Price: - The above charges are exclusive of service tax and all applicable statutory duties, levies and fees. All taxes as applicable from time to time specified by Government shall be charged to customer. Price is also exclusive of local loop charges, equipments and any applicable charges.

Wireless Property: - Products are used for wireless link will remain property of SNS.

Contract Term: - Minimum of 12 months from date of activation.

Documents/Agreements: Customer must sign Sai Net standard Customer Agreement Form (CAF) & Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Applicable Taxes: Taxes are additional on all the above-mentioned charges (One-time as well as recurring) as per Government norms & notification. Any further changes in tax & duty will be borne by the client as applicable/revised/imposed by GOI from time to time.

Payment Terms: - All one-time charges and equipment charges to be paid up-front along with the PO. Recurring charges to be paid on quarterly advance basis. First quarter payment to be made along with PO.

Acceptable Internet Usage Policy: - Clients application and usage of Internet on SNL's circuit would be in accordance to guidelines laid down by GOI/TRAI/DoT.

Additional Documents to submit: Client is required to submit following documents along with the PO i.e. CAF, SLA, APNIC form, Network Diagram, License copy like ISP/ITES etc as would be applicable.

Periodic Inspections & documentations: In accordance with polices laid own by GOI/TRAI/DoT, SNL can carry out periodic inspections/request for documents pertaining to usage to check misuse of the circuit.

This offer is valid for a period of 15 days from date of submission of this proposal..

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